Yeah Maybe, No is a story that cuts through the anger and fear that surrounds sexual violence to let a survivor tell his story in his own words. Blake is a college student who is processing his past unhealthy relationship in light of new conversations about consent. Blake struggles with identifying his experience as a crime and looks to draw a line between rape and a “bad situation.” Due to self-balme, that line shifts and blurs, which makes finding support from loved ones complicated.  The people around him expect a crime drama, but that is far too black and white for Blake to relate to. Through compassion and empathy, we take an honest look at a deeply troubling problem.


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One of the most unique aspects of this film is that it focuses on sexual violence from a male perspective. Sexual violence is generally thought of as a woman’s issue, but many men are allies or survivors themselves. Stepping out the “violence against women” box allows for a deeper examination of the power dynamics present in intimate-partner violence and shows how there are more similarities than differences between male and female survivors.

Another valuable aspect of this story is that it serves as a test case for what colleges and universities can do to help their students. Blake is a student at Reed College, where students and faculty protested the administrations handling of sexual assault cases. It started with bathroom graffiti that named rapists and moved into a movement that enacted change. Through Blake’s story, we investigate the effectiveness of that change.

Finally, this is a story discusses research into the most effective ways to hold young perpetrators accountable. Blake was hurt by someone he trusted, which led to complicated reactions that don’t easily fit within the confines of the criminal justice system or disciplinary boards at universities. We challenge viewers to look beyond the high emotions of these cases to do what actually works to break cycles of violence.

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